Sebasticook Valley Federal Credit Union employeesSebasticook Valley Federal Credit Union takes immense pride in our ongoing commitment to the Maine Credit Union League’s Campaign for Ending Hunger. Together with our members, we’ve raised over $400,000 to combat hunger in our local communities. Thank you for your support! 

What sets our contribution apart is that every dollar we raise goes directly to hunger relief organizations in Maine. When you support the credit union, you’re not just donating money; you’re helping to feed families, support local initiatives, and make a real impact where it’s needed most. 

The Campaign for Ending Hunger isn’t just about fundraising; it’s a lifeline for many individuals and families facing food insecurity. Our members and employees have shown incredible dedication and generosity, embodying our motto of “people helping people.”  

We invite you to join us in this vital effort, whether through donations or volunteering with local organizations dedicated to this cause. Visit to learn more about how you can join us in fighting hunger and supporting our communities.