Money’s potential to grow over time is an important concept to pass along to kids, setting up a solid foundation for financial literacy and responsibility.

  1. Encourage a young adult to open their first checking account with Free4ME Checking Accounts: One of the best ways to introduce young adults to the world of personal finance is through our “free4ME” checking accounts. Designed for individuals aged 18-25, these accounts come with no charges for a debit card or digital banking. It’s a fantastic opportunity for young adults to take charge of their own credit union accounts, learn essential financial principles, and cultivate a sense of independence early on. 
  2. Engage your teen with a finance simulation game: As proud members of the Maine Credit Union League, Sebasticook Valley FCU participates in their “Financial Fitness Fairs” held throughout the year. These fairs are not just educational; they’re also fun and insightful. One of the highlights is a budget simulation activity where students are given a hypothetical career and monthly income. They then visit booths representing various expenses that adults typically face each month. By filling out a monthly budget form, the goal is for students to manage a budget that aligns with their income, teaching them valuable lessons about financial planning and responsibility. 
  3. Stop by! Another great way for teens to learn about the time value of money is by visiting one of our branches. Our friendly staff can provide insights into savings accounts designed for different age groups and discuss basic saving opportunities. Seeing firsthand how savings can grow over time and understanding ways to save can spark curiosity and a lifelong interest in smart money management. Sebasticook Valley Federal Credit Union even offers special Saturday hours that can accommodate students’ busy school schedules. 

We’re here to help your family succeed. Browse our checking and savings accounts here.