A lot has changed since 1953, when Dwight D. Eisenhower was president and “The Song from Moulin Rouge” dominated the Billboard top 30.

What hasn’t changed is Sebasticook Valley Federal Credit Union’s commitment to the state of Maine and its people.

Back then, we were called something different: In 1953, the employees of Northeast Shoe Co. Inc. formed a financial co-op known as “Maine Aire Federal Credit Union.” The name of the credit union was taken from a shoe that was manufactured at NE Shoe Co., called the “Maine Aire” (we won’t take credit for “Air Jordan” decades later).

Maine Aire FCU served the employees of the shoe factory and their immediate family members, empowering them to accumulate savings while also providing a source of credit for worthwhile pursuits. But, at its core, the credit union was really about community—bringing Mainers together and instilling a sense of pride in small-town America. Town by town, the Sebasticook Valley area between Bangor and Waterville became a source of pride for people who valued togetherness.

Over the decades, Sebasticook Valley’s pride in community only blossomed. By the late 1960s, the credit union began serving any Mainer who lived, worked or worshipped in the towns of Burnham, Detroit, Palmyra or Pittsfield. And its name inevitably changed to “Peoples Regional Federal Credit Union” in 1972, representing more people than ever before. In 1984, the credit union added Newport as one of its towns, building a branch there in 1993.

By the early 2000s, towns like Dixmont, Etna and Plymouth joined the field of membership. And the name changed again to better reflect the larger community, this time to “Sebasticook Valley Federal Credit Union.”

Yet, despite the name changes and new towns served, our mission has never wavered. The strongest brands stand the test of time, based on a clearly defined, firmly adopted set of values. For us, the number one value has been the same: Community. In our 70th anniversary year, Mainers trust Sebasticook Valley FCU because they are proud of their community, and they know that we are too. That’s how you end up serving over 11,000 members across six counties.

Pride. Trust. Community—from shoes to savings accounts, and much more.