It had humble beginnings—serving the hardworking employees of Northeast Shoe Co. in Pittsfield, Maine. Since that fateful day in 1953, there have been so many changes to the financial institutions and services of our country, including credit unions. Technology has been a driving force in a lot of those changes. Who would have thought in 1953, that you would be able to open an account, deposit a check, or apply for a loan, without even coming into a branch? So much has changed, but many things have remained the same. At the core of credit unions is our motto—“Not for Profit, Not for Charity, but for Service”

In 1953, the shoe shop workers started this credit union by pooling their funds together—it was then named Maine Aire Federal Credit Union—Maine Aire was a style of shoe that they made. By pooling their assets into this co-op, they had the financial services available to them that they desperately needed. Loans that were affordable and accessible, and savings that paid a competitive interest rate. Local banks were not always an option for these folks to receive these services.

Today, we take pride in continuing to offer these services, and more to folks in central Maine. Affordable and accessible lending, a variety of different savings accounts—at competitive rates, along with all of the modern products and services that help our members with their financial needs.

70 years later, Sebasticook Valley FCU has grown into a $150M credit union, with over 12,500 members. It is large enough to offer all of the products and services that our members need, but small enough that we are still able to give you personalized, local, top-notch service.

We thank you for your membership, appreciate your business, and look forward to serving you for many years to come!